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Akashic Record and Energy Readings in Kent

Lesley Gillingham

Lesley Gillingham Lesley Gillingham has been connecting with energy all her life. As a child, she understandably didn’t comprehend the entire concept. As an adult, Lesley began to understand more about what she was feeling and started to hone her way of working with energy into a structured method of helping people. Today, she works

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Maria Perrino

Maria Perrino I am a Reiki Practitioner working towards becoming a Reiki Master and qualifying as an animal Reiki Practitioner too. I was introduced to Reiki in early 2000 and took my level I in 2005, known then as Reiki Tera Mai Seichem. During that year I also went on Spiritual Retreat to Cairo, Egypt

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kay Best

Kay Best I am a Psychic Medium and Hypnotherapist. Ever since I was a teenager, I said things that made no sense to me, which later I came to realise was my Psychic side. This was developed and built over a number of years. I consider myself to be lucky and privileged to be trusted

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karen laracuente

Karen Laracuente

Karen Laracuente Hi, I’m Karen and I love all things fragranced and sparkly. I’m a bit of a magpie really. I love talking about Park Lane Jewellery and PartyLite candles, helping customers find beautiful pieces of sparkle for the best price possible and to transform their home into a cozy and inviting haven. I believe

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Sylvia Ottway

Sylvia Ottway I’ve been a Body Shop at Home independent consultant since 2018. I joined because of my love of their ethical cruelty-free products. I went to a party at my friend’s house and was hooked. I enjoy doing home parties, events and pop-up shops in offices and other businesses. I also give talks at

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