Would You Like To Exhibit With Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It To Exhibit

Large Tables £25 for approx 6ft table

We also provide chairs for you, your helpers and a visitor to sit with you.

You must provide your own table covering.

Electricity is available but you must tell us in advance.

We can't provide small tables due to the social distancing we need to do for COVID precautions. 

What about Insurance?

All exhibitors must be fully insured with Public Liability and Product Liability if that's relevant.

We don't need to see your certificate.  It is part of the Terms and Conditions that you are insured and fully qualified for anything you offer at the fair.


What Do I Need To Exhibit?

We like your stand to look as enticing as possible.  Please provide a clean table covering and depending on what you do, a tunic or uniform for yourself.

If you are making candles, soaps and cosmetics yourself, then you must have the relevant certifications and/or exemptions.

If you are selling food, you must be registered with the local authority and have your food hygiene certificates with you.

All therapists must be fully insured and qualified.

Depending on what you do, you may need to submit a Health And Safety Risk Assessment, specifically covering relevant COVID precautions.

How Many Visitors Do You Get At Each Event?

This is such a tricky question to answer because there could be hundred's of people through the door but none of them is spending money.  Conversely, there may only be a few people but they know what they want, they've come with cash in their pockets and their credit cards ready.

Our events run each month and so we are focused on visitors returning and we're proud to say that 78% of our visitors have either been before or someone has recommended they come along.

As an exhibitor, this means that coming along regularly means that you get seen and after a while, people will come along because they know you're there and want to replenish their stock or buy a gift.

On the other hand, at some of the very large annual events, there are often crowds of people, although sometimes the stand prices can be high.

So it's all a bit of a balancing act.  Sometimes we're busy and everyone wins, sometimes there aren't many visitors but the sales are much the same - and sometimes it's the other way round!

My advice generally is that being at events is part of your overall marketing and sales strategy and you need to consider if you're coming along to sell as much stuff as you can and leave, or if you are looking to build relationships with clients for a more in-depth strategy.

We aim to keep our table prices as low as possible which means that the financial risk for you is minimal because there is also a bit of a learning curve when you start exhibiting.


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