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Balens Insurance - does all sorts of insurance for therapists and specifically Mediums and Readers from around £80 for the year. Their website is www.balens.co.uk and their phone number is 01684 893006

I use Karen Thomas from Breathe Insurance and here is the contact form for her website.  Her phone number is also on there but it's 01622 620531

Craft Cover do specific insurance for crafters, I haven't personally tried them, but do have a recommendation for them.

Create Your Own Designs

Canva is designed to be used by non-techie people to create their marketing material.  You can use it for free and it has templates for social media posts, leaflets, cards, logos and really everything you need to market your business both online and offline.  Go to Canva

Leaflets and Business Cards

I use Instant Print for all the event printing - at www.instantprint.co.uk for my leaflets.

Get £10 off your first order with the link above.

If I want something a bit nicer for business cards then I use Moo.com

Art Life & Soul Design
Design & Illustration

For all your design needs Georgina Golding is our go to person.

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External Banners

You know those big waterproof banners you can strap around the corner of a building?  Well, they are also excellent for wrapping around a table.  Plus, there are very hard-wearing indeed. These start from around £20 and they will do the artwork for you as well. https://www.eazy-print.co.uk/

Eu Cosmetics Regulations

If you're manufacturing your own makeup and cosmetics, they must comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulations:


Pull Up Banners

InstantPrint.co.uk do these from around £40 - they are definitely the best value we have found.

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