Maria Perrino

I am a Reiki Practitioner working towards becoming a Reiki Master and qualifying as an animal Reiki Practitioner too.

I was introduced to Reiki in early 2000 and took my level I in 2005, known then as Reiki Tera Mai Seichem. During that year I also went on Spiritual Retreat to Cairo, Egypt where I practiced regular meditations with like-minded people every day. I visited the Three Step Pyramid, the famous Giza Pyramids with the Sphinx, Tutankhamun's Museum and much much more. This beautiful retreat initiated a new direction in life for me and a wonderful holistic journey into the world of Reiki with crystals.

I love selling and working with crystals because they have an amazing energy. Some but not all, even work in unison with each other, further enhancing the healing experience during Reiki Sessions.

Crystals have been known to mankind for centuries and I truly believe that we can all benefit from their healing powers, either by having them in our homes, using them during meditation or with Reiki.

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